Kokott Consulting | Kokott Business Conflict Mediation Procedure
Reconciliation of conflicts in the work environment. I offer impartial support for the resolution of business conflicts in national and international contexts.
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„Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford


Mediation is a structured procedure – the process can be divided in 4 phases:

Preliminary Talk

Phase I 

Phase II 

Phase III 

The situation is clarified

Initiation and framework agreement

Inventory: Bringing together the issues and perspectives of all parties involved

Clarification of the conflicts found within specific issues

  • Clarification of the factual issues
  • Clarification of the relationships (emotions, needs, interests “behind” the conflict)

Phase IV 

Phase V 


Solution finding

Agreement & result monitoring

Implementation control (typically after 3 – 6 months)