Kokott Consulting | Kokott Business Conflict Mediation
Reconciliation of conflicts in the work environment. I offer impartial support for the resolution of business conflicts in national and international contexts.
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„Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford


Conflicts in the work environment between colleagues, partners, managers, teams, departments or principles and customer can regularly arise. These conflicts are natural and may also be helpful.

However, if they remain unsolved, conflicts hamper cooperation, “poison” the work climate and work ethic, consequently lowering productivity and thereby harming the company as a whole. Effective and efficient cooperation is the foundation for contented employees and company success.

Mediation is a quick, effective, economical and sustainable solution to reconcile conflicts in your company.


Some data confirmed by studies:

  • Circa 15 % of the daily working hours in Germany are consumed by conflicts. Managers spend 30-50% of their daily working time directly or indirectly dealing with conflicts and their consequences (Hernstein Institut Study).
  • The cost for absent days solely because of mobbing add up to approximately 3 billion Euro per year (AOK-Absense-Report).
  • In companies of up to 100 employees, yearly conflict costs amount to 000 – 500.000 Euro. According to a study by KPMG this number is well exceeded in bigger companies (Studie KPMG).
  • The replacement costs for personnel (search for personnel, introductory training and vacancy) costs an average of 500 EUR (worker), 25.000 Euro (skilled worker) and 200.000 Euro (manager). It can be assumed that more than 50% of terminations by employees are the result of unresolved conflicts in the work environment. In the case of terminations from the employer side, up to 90% have their origin in unsettled disputes (Hernstein Institution Study).