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“The quality of the solution we come up with will be in direct proportion to the quality of the description of the problem we’re trying to solve.” Albert Einstein


In practice, existing working routines, regulations and organizational forms are often too elaborate and costly, not modernized or retaining redundancies. These effects may have been caused by technological changes, changes in customer behavior or long-term well-established habits, which have become increasingly inefficient in an ever-changing, modern environment.

On the one hand, a lack of standard practices can have a confusing effect upon employees who may engage in redundant work practices, with unnecessary repetitions. In contrast, overly detailed work guidelines on the other hand can make employees feel patronized and overly-restricted, unable to apply their own creative solutions. In either case there is potential for conflicts because employees do not feel optimally guided to fulfil their position within the company. Here, there is a need for change.

Furthermore, it is critically important to define measurable criteria and parameters in the beginning to support a clear and accurate evaluation of the quality of processes and goals achieved after implementation.

The scope of your project will be specified through a closely co-ordinated process with you, according to a comprehensive understanding of your goals and framework conditions.

  • Are existing processes appropriate and sufficient to ensure that goals are efficiently met?
  • Can more suitable, economical solutions be found to achieve defined process goals?
  • Have different business processes been properly aligned and are interfaces and interdependencies convenient and well-defined?
  • Are there more appropriate, economical solutions for the organizational structure?
  • Is the existing documentation process suitable and do employees possess sufficient know-how?