Kokott Consulting | Kokott Consulting Business Conflict Mediation Fields of Application
Reconciliation of conflicts in the work environment. I offer impartial support for the resolution of business conflicts in national and international contexts.
Business mediation, conflict resolution, mediation, change management, change communication, teambuilding, conflicts in teams, organizational change and conflicts, conflict solving, conflict coaching, conflict consulting, international business conflict, workplace conflict resolution, workplace mediation
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„Coming together is the beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford



I offer support with conflicts

  • on the executive level
  • between partners
  • in family businesses (i.e. during the succession process)
  • between management partners
  • between teams
  • between teams and managers
  • between employees and superiors
  • between employees
  • between customers and suppliers
  • within departments, teams and committees
  • during a company’s restructuring process
  • between executives and staff association or staff council



Mediation is particularly suitable if:

  • You would like a clarification process moderated by an unbiased third person who has no personal involvement
  • You would like a shared-responsibility and ability to control the contents and outcomes of the mediation with all of the conflict parties.
  • You seek a guided conversation, an understanding atmosphere and a structured and moderated procedure.
  • Your optimal outcome would be for forward-looking solutions, taking the interests of all participants into consideration, leading to winning and sustainable resolutions for everyone involved.
  • The healthy continuation of work or business relationships is the primary objective.